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Ground Control is a Singapore-based B2B marketing communications and public relations agency. We help you take strategic control of your communications by creating impactful storytelling that is aligned to your business objectives.

We connect you with the best talents that the region has to offer and deliver campaigns that best meet your requirements.  

Our unique approach is extremely cost-effective and highly scalable. You only invest in what is essential and necessary for  campaign success and nothing more. There are no fats and no frills when working with us.

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Shane William

Founder, Ceo

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Stephen Larry

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Stephen Larry

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Anne Mary


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The Ground Control team helped us to rethink our email marketing strategy and worked with us closely to develop an approach that actually drive better results.

Eric Managing Director of a Singapore-based engineering firm

Vincent (of Ground Control) has rich experience. He is a great person to work with, and it's been my pleasure to work with him all these years. If I were to choose an agency partner to work with, it would be him. He brings a keen eye for detail and professionalism to each project.

Jade Managing Director of Malaysia-based SME

Vincent (of Ground Control) never runs out of creative ideas. He is always coming up with innovative ways to get our brand out there and helping us drive demand for our offerings. With this partnership, we can focus on taking care of our customers, our R&D and our core business.

Faizel Founder and business owner of a fintech company in Malaysia and Singapore

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